Dr. Mark S. Wendling

Dr. Mark S. Wendling

Dr. Mark Wendling

“Going the Extra Smile is a blend of us behind the scenes making sure that we are the most up-to-date facility we can be with technology. It means we’ve educated ourselves to the best of our ability to provide our patients with the best care. It means spending time getting to know you and building our relationship so we can best deliver all that great dentistry to you the way you would like it.

Going the Extra Smile to me means doing all of those things that nobody wants to do. You do the right thing even though it may take you a little bit longer. Traveling across the country to listen to somebody lecture that you know would be beneficial and being away from your family, that’s Going the Extra Smile. Coming in early, staying late, maybe dropping a denture partial off at a nursing home, because it’s just easier on the family. There are a lot of things that we do on a daily basis that are Going the Extra Smile, but we hold each other accountable. It’s always putting the patients’ needs before your needs. We always have their best interest at heart.”

~ Dr. Mark S. Wendling

Dr. Wendling was born and raised in Buffalo and graduated from the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 1998. After performing his postgraduate residency at Buffalo General Hospital, he was offered an attending position to educate and train dental residents and to perform procedures in the operating room on special needs general sedation patients. During this period he also started his private practice.

Because it is important to Dr. Wendling to keep up with the latest advances in dentistry and give back to the profession, he belongs to several dental organizations, including the American Dental Association, the Eighth District Dental Society, Erie County Dental Society, New York State Dental Association,  Spear Study Club, Crown Council, Peer Review Comity and Tri-beta Biological Honor Society.  

He has trained at world-renowned institutes such as the Pankey Institute, Spear Education Center, Total Patient Services Institute, and the Dawson Center, and worked closely with leaders in the dental field, such as Dr. Ron Jackson. He also attended the SUNY Buffalo School of Management Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. His training has allowed him to become certified in several fields of dentistry, including anterior esthetics, posterior esthetics, CAD-CAM dentistry, implants, splint therapy, occlusal equilibration, TMJ disorders, enteral sedation, and dental  Botox and fillers.  He is CPR certified, and also holds certifications in the Hybridge Dental Implant technique and Invisialign Clear Aligners .  Among his many interests, he is working on making advancements in Implantology.