The Sticky Truth About GUMMY BEARS

It’s February…

For the big kid, aka, moms and dads, it’s all about chocolate hearts, Valentine’s Day and the way the weather’s been..hibernation.  

For the little kids and for us here at the dental office…it’s all about Children’s Dental Health Month.  So in the spirit of treats and in the spirit of healthy eats, we thought we’d bring you a couple surprises this month.

The 1st surprise…Gummy bears aren’t so bad…in fact…one of their main ingredients; xylitol may just make them pretty good for your kids.

Did we just say that?

Yep…we did.  CLICK for the truth about gummy bears & more

Now remember moms and dads…we still need every food brushed and flossed off of your kiddies choppers AND if you want a better source for the cavity fighting xylitol, we’d highly recommend sugar free chewing gums.  They’re less sticky.  And less sticky is always a plus.

Until next time,

The East Amherst Dental Team

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