“I don’t grind my teeth”…Would it surprise you to know that we hear that a lot?  Most people don’t realize they’re doing it…it often occurs while you sleep.   But, as Shakira would say, “the teeth don’t lie”. 

Wait a minute, that was “hips”…all the same…neither do the teeth.


Top 3 Signs your dentist might see

  1. Wear on the tops of your back teeth.
  2. Wear on the edges of your front teeth.
  3. Shrinking back of your gum tissue.

Top 3 Symptoms you might feel

  1. Sensitive teeth to cold
  2. Sore jaw, especially when you wake up in the morning
  3. Headaches or neckaches

Top 3 Things you can do

  1. When in doubt, check with your dentist.  We’d much prefer to tell you everything is okay than miss something important.
  2. If you can, Motrin or Advil to help with discomfort.
  3. Ask about Occlusal guards or bite splints.  They are the least expensive alternative and they are 100% reversible.

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