The short answer…yes.

 Dental insurance can help defray the cost of your dentistry.  Delaying necessary treatment can only leads to higher costs. The right dental insurance has the ability to take the cost of what you need, and help ease your payment concerns.

The long answer…it depends! 

Dental insurance is confusing today.  There are so many companies with so many plans it’s a challenge for an expert to decipher what makes sense.  Here are a few suggestions that will hopefully help you decide.

So here are 3 things to help you:

  1. Most plans will allow you to see a participating or a non-participating provider and still provide you with a reimbursement.  Check your policy to see what your levels of coverage are.  The most important factor is to seek a dental provider where your dental health is the priority.   Be aware in advance of a participating provider’s policy on necessary procedures that are not covered on your plan.   You may not be able to get the most appropriate dental care from a participating provider due to plan restrictions.  Non participating providers are not obligated to plan restrictions.
  1. Keep in mind that your dental insurance is just like any other insurance in the respect that it is a business.  Reimbursements for each procedure are calculated based on how much money comes into the plan from monthly premiums and co-pays with very little correlation to the actual procedure.  Insurance companies need to ensure that they are profitable in order to continue to provide a service to its subscribers.  Therefore, “If my insurance company says they’re not paying, then I must not need it” is not necessarily true. 
  1. In closing, many factors go into choosing a dental policy that is right for you.  Certainly your home care and past dental history play a very important part.  Monthly out of pocket premium expenses along with annual maximums and deductibles also need to be taken into consideration.  So take a minute and do the math to determine if you can benefit from the dental insurance that is being offered to you.

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