International Earth Day…Saving our planet…an awareness of how what we do today can affect our well being tomorrow.  Sounds a lot like what we focus on every day at East Amherst Dental Center.

Think about it.  Your health is a lot like the health of our planet.  Take great care of it today…and odds are, it will take great care of you tomorrow.  Neglect it…and, well, you know the story.  Now, as giant fans of the KISS principle, here are 3 simple strategies to take care of your oral health today, so you can stay healthy tomorrow:

  • Diet

Don’t freak…we’re not talking the dropping weight kind of diet…we’re talking nutrition, and specifically, sugar.  On the general nutrition side, we’ve all heard or read about how bad processed sugars can be.  In dentistry, the same holds true.  What we know about all things cavity driven is there are only 2 major factors.  The bacteria in our mouths, which diet cannot control AND sugar, which you and I can control in our diet.

Now, just like our physician counterparts, we’d love it if you eliminated sugar all together.  Is that realistic?  Not so much…we eat it too!  However, limiting sugar…that’s doable and remembering that it’s more important dentally to focus on limiting the frequency of sugar…key!!

  • Waterpik

Brushing and flossing are still the best…but we read the statistics and we’re realists.  So, if you’re a brilliant brusher…keep it up.  If you’re a fab flosser…go for it.  But…if you’re an okay brusher and a questionable flosser, get yourself a waterpik.  We don’t endorse many products by name.  This one…the waterpik…and specifically the waterflosser…winner!

  • Fluids

Staying hydrated is huge for the health of your teeth and gums.  How you stay hydrated is just as important.  See #1…the sug is bad for your oral health.  So, what’s the best source of hydration?  Buffalo’s finest…water.  You can filter it if you prefer.  And if you must, you can buy bottled.  Understand though, that the fluoride in the water is a large part of the benefit you get.  So steer clear from the sodas, the power drinks AND anything beyond 8 oz. of juice…it has just as much sugar in it as the sodas do, AND get on the water.

Questions??  Give us a shout.  We’d love to share more.



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