mouthguardsOkay moms and dads, it’s that time of the year again.  Soccerbaseballlacrossefootball…the list goes on and our kids are ready to play.  Today’s topic…the top 5 Questions we get on Athletic Guards:

  1. What’s the purpose?

    Great question and we get it every day.  There are 3 Main purposes of an athletic guard. 

    1. Protect the teeth.  Trauma to the teeth, especially the upper front 6 is as much about heartache, as it is toothache.  From chips, all the way to losing a tooth or teeth, athletic guards can make a big, big difference.
    2. Protect the gums and bone.  Teeth aren’t the only things that break.  Bone does too!  Your kids can break their jaw bone just like they break an arm or a leg.  And as bad as a tooth problem is, this is much worse!
    3. Concussion.  Many parents know about the first two purposes as they either have a child who’s lived through it, or know one who has.  Concussion is different.  Thankfully, word is spreading.  Long-story-short, having a flexible cushion between the upper and lower teeth means when trauma to your child’s head hits, the blow is absorbed by that cushion, no their noggin.
  2. Is one kind better than another?

    Yes!  Custom athletic guards are always better than store bought.  How come?  Fit.  When we make impressions and add in some pretty cool technology these days to fabricate a guard, kids put them in and leave them in.  Your child’s athletic guard is only as good as the fit. 

  3. What about the cost?

    We can’t speak for other dental offices, but we make athletic guards for one reason.  To protect as many kids in our practice’s teeth as possible.  That said, our cost is right on point with the boil and bite guards you’d buy at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  4. How often should they be replaced?

    It depends on your child’s age and if they have all their adult teeth or some adult and some kiddo teeth.  If your child has all of their adult teeth and they have grown all the way in, athletic guards will last a couple years easily.  If your child is still losing teeth and getting their adult teeth in, one season is a fair expectation.  We do want to protect your child’s teeth, gums and brain.  We do not want to get in the way of their adult teeth coming in.

  5. Can our team all be fitted together?

    You bet they can!  We’ll need a heads up so we can coordinate our team’s schedule with your child’s team, but we will make it happen.  Give us a shout at 716-689-6300.  We’re happy to help!!


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