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"To me, Going the Extra Smile means changing lives.  Helping patients to overcome their dental fears is something that we all do here.  Taking as much time to make every patient comfortable is essential to gaining trust from our patients.  Then, we can give them a smile that will transform their lives.  We are also privledged to work with the Smiles for Life Foundation which enables us to raise significant amounts of money annually for local children's charities.  It's a great opportunity for our community to change the lives of local families afflicted by illnesses and in return receive discounted fees for whitening their own teeth.  It's a win-win for all involved!"
Christy has been a dental assistant since 2007.  She lives in Clarence with her husband Gabe and their two sons, Braxton and Noah.  In her spare time, Christy enjoys attending her childrens sporting events, camping, snowboarding and attending church.

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