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David 19“Going the extra smile is treating people the way they want to be treated and figuring out how we can make them comfortable. I think of our office as a safe haven. Life is very busy and hectic, people have kids and jobs, and money pressures are huge. So whether you are in our office for a half an hour, or an hour, or all day, it should be a peaceful, serene time where you get to escape the rest of the world.

So whatever it takes to make any patient feel that way, that’s what we do. We ask ‘What’s going to make your experience the best experience we can give you?’ And then we do it for them. Part of Going the Extra Smile is having a relationship with our patients where we have permission to really lay it all out for you and share every concern that we might have about your dental health. And you certainly have our permission to ask any question, to get yourself comfortable, to explore all the options, and to really feel like we are in this together, and that you as a patient are in full control of where we are going.

eodc 308 min“Going the Extra Smile is a blend of us behind the scenes making sure that we are the most up-to-date facility we can be with technology. It means we’ve educated ourselves to the best of our ability toprovide our patients with the best care. It means spending time getting to know you and building our relationship so we can best deliver all that great dentistry to you the way you would like it.

Going the Extra Smile to me means doing all of those things that nobody wants to do. You do the right thing even though it may take you a little bit longer. Traveling across the country to listen to somebody lecture that you know would be beneficial and being away from your family, that’s Going the Extra Smile. Coming in early, staying late, maybe dropping a denture partial off at a nursing home, because it’s just easier on the family. There are a lot of things that we do on a daily basis that are Going the Extra Smile, but we hold each other accountable. It’s always putting the patients' needs before your needs. We always have their best interest at heart.” ~Dr. Mark S. Wendling

Dr._Laura_Barres.jpg"Going the extra smile means educating myself to use the best of what is available in modern dentistry and exceeding the current standards. It means providing exemplary dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment where patients know they are the top priority. Going the extra smile means consistently producing results that go above and beyond our patients expectations. 

At East Amherst Dental Center, we try to go the extra smile on a daily basis for every patient and for the practice as a whole. The patient's care is always our top priority." 

Dr. Laura Barres grew up in New Hartford, NY. She then moved to Buffalo and received her Bachelor of Science with honors in medicinal chemistry from the University at Buffalo. She graduated with thesis and latin honors from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine minoring in prosthodontics and pediatric dentistry. In 2016, Dr. Barres completed a General Practice Residency at Yale University/Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Dr. Barres values the use of evidence-based dentistry in her practice to provide proven and effective care. Her research in oral biology has been published in multiple journals and presented at several national conferences. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the International Association for Dental Research, the American Dental Association, and the Eighth District Dental Society.

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